Hi, I’m Vishnu Lakshmanan. I am a self proclaimed polyglot programmer, who is obsessed in getting hands dirty with bleeding edge technology. I am currently a graduate student at University of Southern California where I’m majoring in Computer Science.

  • Currently interning at Amazon in Seattle for the summer.
  • Worked with amazing researchers at Information Sciences Institute.
  • Ex-ThoughtWorker who worked with wonderful people on Gauge and few implementations of MoTech including Kilkari and Care.
  • I also co-founded a startup called Vorkout, a gym analytics product with which gym owners can run their gyms effectively by getting financial predictions and customer analysis.

If you are interested to hire me, please check out my LinkedIn or drop a mail at vishnucarbon [at] gmail.com.

I was part of the core team which designed and released the early versions of Gauge, so that makes me an expert in its internal workings. I also happened to collaborate on few other open source projects like Calabash-Android-Java and Calabash-iOS-Java.

I enjoy reading upon random stuff. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are the recent things that I am hooked with, and thus falling in love with maths.

One other thing that I am crazy about is Ultimate Frisbee. I play for a team called Discreed in Coimbatore. Would love to play in an international tournament, someday :)

I’m going to post about random technical stuff, things that kindles my curiosity and my frustrations with the system. And there is a deep meaning in the blog title. Blog style inspired by Jon Gauthier.

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