One thing that I noticed when I was first went to USC was that there were lot of people in stakeboards and longboards. I liked how you can simply cruise around without much effort. I used to bike to all the places when I was India. I hated walking around campus going from one class to the other. So I borrowed a longboard from a friend and tried it out a few times but really couldn’t get the hang of it. Then I just chucked the idea of getting one myself.

Every time I walk to campus, I see people sliding past me. It was just teasing me. I was determined to learn it. What better way than just to buy one, so that you are obliged to learn it or it will be a waste of money. After researching about different types of boards, I finally decided to by Sector 9 Lookout.

After waiting in front of the door for the whole day(thanks to UPS’s unpredictable status) for the package to arrive, I finally got my hands on the baby. It looked amazing. I went to my backyard to try it out. After eating shit couple of times, I kinda got the hang of it.

The next day I took it to campus, I was also afraid of eating shit and getting embarrassed in front of people. But yea YOLO. It turned out to be fine after all, Now I’m cruising around the campus, enjoying the cool breeze in my face.